At Limetec we understand the importance of preserving historic landmarks and listed buildings. With a decade of experience in lime, our Heritage Padstow Brown lime mortar has been developed from the ground up specifically for listed buildings and heritage sites across Cornwall. We have worked closely with local Cornwall masons and craftsmen to provide you with a rich Padstow Brown lime mortar bespoke to Cornwall.

Padstow lime mortar

Why use Hydraulic Lime Mortar?

Lime Mortar has been used for over 3500 years and to this day most of the worlds wonders are still here, due to its unique benefits.

  • Breathability – Allows moisture to evaporate and for walls to breathe.
  • Reabsorbs CO₂ – During the curing process lime mortar will absorb CO₂ from the atmosphere.
  • Recycling Masonry – Using lime mortar allows valuable masonry to be recycled and used in other building projects.

Why Choose Us?

Our Padstow Brown hydraulic lime mortar is ready mixed. So you only have to do one thing, just add water. We manufacture our lime mortar by weight, which provides you with a consistent colour match and strength. We use the highest quality sands and lime for all our products. We can supply 25kg bags for small jobs and 1 ton bulk bags. If you are working on a new build we can even supply you a dry silo.

Ready Mixed Hydraulic Lime Mortar

Our bespoke Heritage range consists of seven colours, which have been designed for specific conservation areas across the United Kingdom. All our lime base products are simple to use and can be used in a cement mixer.

Padstow Brown lime mortar colour
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