Cotswold Lime Mortar

Limetec roots to the Cotswolds could not be any closer, being the leading manufacturer and supplier of hydraulic lime mortar we have worked with the leading craftsmen in the Cotswold area for conservation and new build projects over the last decade.

Preserving the heritage and original ascetics of the building is our main concern, that’s why we have worked with UK’s top surveyors in the heritage restoration industry, to provide you we a perfect match and level of support you require.

cotswold lime mortar house

Why use Cotswold Lime Mortar?

Hydraulic Lime has been used for over 4000 years, and has been used in the construction of some iconic landmarks across the world.

  • Breathable
  • Permeable
  • Reduces the need for expansion/movement joints
  • Re-absorbs CO2 given off during curing process when it sets
  • It allows masonry to be recycled when the building comes to the end of its life.

Why Use Us?

Limetec uses modern techniques and the best graded sands, pigments and natural hydraulic lime to provide you with the best workability. We stock vast amounts in stock and can be collected or delivered to site in 25kg bags or 1 tonne bags.

We only manufactured specifically by weight, to provide the best consistency in colour and strength. All our raw materials and end products are subject to regular quality control procedures and testing.

Ready Mixed Hydraulic Lime Mortar

Our ready mixed Cotswold hydraulic lime mortar is straight forward and can be used in cement mixers. Our bespoke Heritage range consists of seven colours, which have been designed for specific conservation areas across the United Kingdom.

Cotswold lime mortar
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