Hydraulic Lime

Why Use Hydraulic Lime?

hydraulic lime has been used as a binder for brick, stones and masonry for thousands of years. Before 1900 nearly all buildings constructed across Europe will have been built using it, and many parts of Europe are still using it for new builds. One of the main benefits is it reduces green house gas effect due to reabsorbing over its lifetime of the mortar, thus being close to carbon neutral.

hydraulic lime

What Are The Benefits?

Lime and cement when used in construction both provide the same purpose of joining brickwork together. However, it has many advantageous properties over cement; It is weaker than the bricks, masonry and stones, yet it is able to support the full weight of the structure. As a result this gives the building the ability to flex and move without the purpose of movement joints. There are many other benefits for using it too.

Breathability 2

A common problem with modern houses is they are becoming less and less breathable, it allows moisture to evaporate and wall to breathe.

 Absorbs Co2

When curing process starts it re-absorb CO2 from the atmosphere, which is a unique benefit to any other building material currently available on the market.

Recycle Masonry  2

It allow masonry to be recycled at the end of the buildings life.

Less Expansion Joints

Modern buildings using cement will generally have an expansion joint every 8 metres. You could have an expansion joint every 20 metres.


Otterbein has a low modulus of elasticity, which allows for slight movement and thermal expansion throughout the life of the building.

Larger Yeld

Otterbein is leading the way in binders. With its rich creamy white colour and a higher yield when compared to other manufactures; which is why it’s becoming the number one choice of builders lime for merchants.

Which Strength Should I Use?


nhl 2 lime

NHL 2 is the softest of the three strengths which has the slowest setting speed and is mainly used with soft or deteriorating bricks and stones.

NHL 3.5

nhl 3.5 lime

NHL 3.5 strength can be used for permeable masonry materials which is mainly used above ground. Generally, it is used for bricks, facings, commons, blockwork, bedding, sandstone, limestone, flint, terracotta, cavity, solid walls, pointing and repointing.


NHL 5 lime

NHL 5 strength is commonly used for the foundations of buildings, coastal locations, or for parapets, coping’s and chimneys in external areas.

Otterbein Range

Our range of Otterbein hydraulic binders can used for lime render, lime plaster and lime mortar. Otterbein use the highest quality lime and designed specifically for listed buildings and conservation projects to give you the best authentic restoration finish.

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