Lime Mortar: Time-Tested and Sustainable Cement Alternative

November 6th 2023 in Sustainability

Lime mortar, a classic building material with centuries of proven performance, has re-emerged as a true and sustainable alternative to cementitious masonry mortars. 

While various cement-free options have gained attention, it is essential to recognise that lime mortar has stood the test of time and is now, a reliable choice for modern 'new-build' construction. 

With the development of hydraulic lime mortar, it is even more apparent that hydraulic lime mortar should be considered the only true and sustainable alternative.

A Legacy of Sustainability

Lime mortar has been the backbone of construction for centuries, gracing the walls of ancient structures and historic landmarks worldwide. 

Its continued use in historic restoration projects is a testament to its durability and enduring qualities.

Builders, architects and conservationists alike, should consider lime mortar as the gold standard for sustainable and reliable masonry mortar solutions.

Here are some key reasons why lime mortar stands out as the sustainable choice:

1. Reduced Carbon Footprint

Lime production has a significantly lower carbon footprint compared to cement. Traditional lime mortars are made from hydrated lime (calcium hydroxide), sand and water. Unlike cement, which requires high-temperature kilning, the production of lime involves a far less energy-intensive process. This results in lower greenhouse gas emissions, aligning with sustainability goals.

2. Compatibility with Historic & Existing Buildings

One of the most striking advantages of lime mortar is its compatibility with historic or existing structures. For restoration projects, preserving the original character and materials is paramount. Lime mortar closely mimics the properties of traditional mortars, making it the ideal choice to ensure structural integrity and historical authenticity.

3. Breathability and Flexibility 

Lime mortar's unique properties contribute to its sustainability:

Breathability: Lime mortars allow buildings to 'breathe,' which prevents moisture-related damage and supports healthy indoor environments.

Flexibility: Lime mortars are more elastic than cement mortars, reducing the risk of cracking and improving long-term durability.

4. Evolution: Hydraulic Lime Mortar

Modern lime mortar formulations have evolved to include hydraulic lime. Hydraulic lime mortars are created by burning limestone containing clay or siliceous impurities at lower temperatures. This process results in a mortar that can set and harden in the presence of water, making it suitable for various applications. Hydraulic lime mortars offer:

Increased durability: Hydraulic lime mortars have enhanced resistance to weathering and erosion.

Strength and versatility: They provide excellent bonding strength and adaptability for diverse construction needs.


While various cement-free masonry mortars have been introduced as alternatives to traditional cement-based mortars, it is essential to recognise the unparalleled sustainability and proven performance of lime mortar. 

Lime mortar has been a cornerstone of construction for centuries and continues to thrive in modern 'new-build' projects, especially with the advent of hydraulic lime mortar.

Lime mortar's reduced carbon footprint, compatibility with historic structures, breathability, flexibility and the versatility offered by hydraulic lime make it the only true and proven sustainable alternative. 

As we strive for environmentally responsible and durable construction methods, the enduring legacy of lime mortar shines brightly as a beacon of sustainability in the world of masonry construction. 

Builders, architects and conservationists alike, should consider lime mortar as the gold standard for sustainable and reliable masonry mortar solutions.

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