Aesthetic Benefits of Lime Mortar

Discover the beauty, authenticity and color versatility that makes lime mortar a timeless choice in modern architectural design.

Private Residence
Built with Limetec Hydraulic Lime Mortar

Eliminate Movement Joints

One of the most significant design benefits of hydraulic lime mortar is its ability to reduce the need for unsightly movement joints in buildings. 

These joints can disrupt the visual continuity of a façade, especially in designs where aesthetics are paramount.

Limetec Hydraulic Lime mortar was chosen for this build to eliminate unsightly movement joints.

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Timeless Aesthetics

Lime mortar imparts a classic, natural finish that ages gracefully, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of historical and contemporary structures alike.

Focusing only on high strength mortars, neglects the importance of bond strength and shrinkage.

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Colour Options

Lime mortar allows for a broader spectrum of colors, providing architects and builders with creative flexibility to achieve diverse and custom aesthetics.

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Subtle Texture and Softness

The softer texture of lime mortar results in a more delicate and nuanced surface, contributing to a visually appealing and tactile architectural finish.

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Historical Authenticity

When renovating or constructing in historical contexts, lime mortar preserves the authenticity of the structure, ensuring a harmonious blend with the surrounding architecture.

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Performance Benefits 

Lime mortar has many performance benefits when compared to a cementitious mortar.

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Sustainability Benefits

From the manufacture process, through until its end of life, lime mortar is both eco-friendly and sustainable.

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