Pioneering Sustainable Construction:
The Evolution of Limetec Hydraulic Lime Mortar

In the ever-evolving landscape of sustainable construction, the importance of choosing environmentally friendly building materials cannot be overstated.

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Built with Limetec Hydraulic Lime Mortar

A Revolution in Construction

Historically, lime mortar has been at the forefront of construction, known for its workability and compatibility with various building materials.

However, the introduction of Limetec, commercial scale, pre-mixed, hydraulic lime mortar, marked a transformative moment, in the industry.

Unlike traditional lime mortars, Limetec hydraulic lime mortars possess the ability, to set and harden in the presence of water, making it more versatile and durable, in a wide range of applications.


Distinguishing Limetec Mortars from Traditional Lime Mortars

The key differentiator lies in the manufacturing process.

Traditional lime mortars, rely on carbonation to cure, which can be slow and weather-dependent.

Limetec Pre-mixed, Hydraulic lime mortars, on the other hand, set through both carbonation and hydraulic setting, offering a quicker curing time and enhanced durability.

This property makes Limetec hydraulic lime mortars, especially valuable in modern construction and large scale building, where time, consistency of strength and colour is paramount.


Reducing Embodied CO2:
The Environmental Imperative

The environmental impact of cement production, a major contributor to carbon dioxide emissions, is a huge concern.

Limetec Hydraulic lime mortars present an eco-friendly alternative, significantly reducing embodied CO2 emissions during production.

By choosing Limetec mortars over traditional cementitious mortars in new build construction, builders can actively contribute to a more sustainable future.

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The Importance of Education

Despite the numerous benefits, misconceptions surrounding lime mortars, persist. 

Some mistakenly believe that all lime mortars share the same properties, leading to confusion and hesitation. 

Education is paramount to dispelling these myths and promoting the understanding that Limetec, commercial, scaleable, hydraulic lime mortars represent a reliable and efficient alternative to cement.

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Exploring Alternatives: Cement-Free Mortars

While various cement-free mortar alternatives exist, it is crucial to recognise that not all are created equal, in terms of environmental impact. 

Lime mortar has a proven track record of sustainability, standing out as a reliable choice, compared to other unproven alternatives. 

Choosing a mortar with a well-established history of eco-friendliness is a prudent step towards truly sustainable construction practices.

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