Limetec EcoScreed: Cement-Free, Screed

A cement-free, environmentally friendly, alternative to traditional cement levelling screed.

  • Uses & Application

    Limetec EcoScreed is a combination of natural hydraulic lime and sand which can be used as an alternative to a traditional cement levelling screed. Installed in conjunction with a breathable system, this creates a high-performance floor slab, enhanced by its flexural performance.

  • Product Description

    Suitable for use with underfloor heating Limetec EcoScreed requires movement joints if used in large areas of screed with heating pipes. Limetec EcoScreed is used in internal situations to produce a floor ready to accept an appropriate final floor covering. It is breathable, behaves in harmony with other natural building materials such as timber. If the design allows, then water vapour can escape through the screed, helping to combat damage associated with damp upon permeable walls. Limetec EcoScreed is suitable for use with breathable flooring finishes,those made from natural materials, beware of non-breathable adhesives.

  • Benefits of Limetec EcoScreed Include:

    • Improved drying and shrinkage control.

    • Fibre re-enforcement can be added to enhance performance without compromising the breathability of the lime screed.

    • Factory mixing provides improved hydraulic lime dispersion, giving greater and more uniform performance throughout the floor area.

    • Factory mixing takes quality control away from the site and into the factory, providing consistent quality materials and accurate proportioning.

    • Delivered as a preblended dry mix that can be supplied to site in a bulk bag or for larger contracts, in state- of-the art silos with an integral mixing unit.

    • Can be used for the repair of existing lime screeds.

  • Durable

    Limetec EcoScreed provides excellent flexural strength to compressive strength ratio and allows installation in larger areas without the requirement for expansion or slip joints.

  • Breathable

    This natural hydraulic lime screed behaves in a similar way to other natural building materials and when applied without a damp proof membrane EcoScreed enables the floor to “breathe”.

  • Sustainable

    The use of lime in screed helps to support the preservation of older buildings. It also offers more environmentally sympathetic construction of buildings. EcoScreed is suitable for use in historic renovations as well as sustainable new builds.

  • Supply Options

    Bulk Bags: Minimum order 6 Tonnes (4 Tonnes with a small delivery surcharge).
    Silo: Limetec supplied silos available for larger build projects over 100 Tonnes.