Cement-Free, Pre-Mixed, Eminently Hydraulic Lime Mortar - HLM.5

An Eminently Hydraulic Lime Mortar, suitable for below DPC & exposed areas.

  • HLM5 - Uses & Application

    A cement-free mortar with a higher compressive strength value. When a stronger mortar is required, an eminently hydraulic lime mortar (HLM5) is commonly used for the foundations of buildings (below dpc), parapets, copings, chimneys or very exposed areas.

  • Product Description

    Limetec Hydraulic Lime mortar, is a lime based, cement-free blend of natural hydraulic lime and selected aggregates. Suitable for internal and external applications.

  • Pre-Mixed Mortar

    Mortars are supplied as a dry, pre-mixed, mortar. Simply add water, mix and use. Factory controlled, pre-mixed mortars, guarantee a consistency of colour and strength, throughout the build.

  • Colour Range

    Available in comprehensive range of colours. A colour matching service is available, certain conditions apply.

  • Aggregate Sizing

    Available in two, factory controlled, aggregate grades. Available in a standard aggregate grade and a fine grade, for thin joint application.

  • Supply Options

    Available in 25kg bags: Minimum order requirements apply to HLM5 supplied in 25kg bags.   
    Bulk Bags: Minimum order 6 Tonnes (4 Tonnes with a small delivery surcharge).
    Silo: Limetec supplied silos available for larger build projects over 100 Tonnes.

LimetecĀ® Eminently Hydraulic Mortar

Mix proportion 1:2 LimetecĀ® Eminently Hydraulic Mortar will reach HLM2.5 (class iii) at 28 days and HLM5 (class ii) at 91 days.
Good/high resistance to freezing & thawing, high resistance to sulphates.

Mortar Class Lime / Sand Volume BS 5628 Mortar Durability Designation Hydraulic Lime Mix Designation Typical Compressive Strength (N/mm2 @ 91 days) Mortar Durability Class
Eminently Hydraulic 1 : 2 (iii) at 28 days
(ii) at 91 days
HLM5 5 7 - 8

Require a general strength, mortar?

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