Cement-Free, Pre-Mixed, Hydraulic Lime, Construction Mortars

Limetec Pre-mixed, lime mortar is available in 2 strengths, 2 aggregate grades and a choice of 16 colours. Available in 25kg bags, Bulk bags or Silo.

Pre-mixed Lime Mortar

Limetec offer two strengths of hydraulic lime mortar, a moderately hydraulic lime mortar (HLM2.5) for general building work and an eminently hydraulic lime mortar (HLM5), for when a stronger mortar is required.

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Limetec Pre-Mixed mortars are available with the option of two aggregate grades.

A standard composition of aggregate (graded 0-3mm) or a fine composition of aggregate, (graded 0-2mm).


Pre-mixed Coloured Mortars

Coloured Lime Mortars, offer significant aesthetic improvements, to that of a cementitious mortar.

All our mortars are computer-batched and manufactured under factory conditions to ensure consistency of strength, colour and performance.

Unlike some coloured mortars, Limetec mortars are highly durable and do not fade.

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