Cement-Free, Pre-Mixed, Hydraulic Lime Pointing Mortars

Limetec Pre-mixed, lime pointing mortar is available in a number of options

Pre-mixed Lime Pointing Mortar

Limetec offer two pointing mortar options, one for traditional methods of pointing and one specifically designed to be used with a gun pointing system.

Range of coloured mortars available: View


Limetec pre-mixed pointing mortars are available with the option of two aggregate grades. 

A standard composition of aggregate or a fine composition of aggregate. The latter, also available as Limepoint, gun pointing mortar.


Pre-mixed Coloured Mortars

Coloured Lime Mortars, offer significant aesthetic improvements, to that of a cementitious mortar.

Our range of mortars are available in a wide variety of colours and we offer free samples, to enable effective on-site approval.

All our mortars are computer-batched and manufactured under factory conditions to ensure consistency of strength, colour and performance.

Unlike some coloured mortars, Limete mortars are highly durable, do not fade and are guaranteed to last the design life of any structure, when applied in accordance with the current Codes of Practice.

Information about our Coloured Mortar