Elevate your Developments to New Heights

Using a limetec lime mortar, can elevate your developments to new heights of customer satisfaction and differentiation

Orchard Field
Built with Limetec Hydraulic Lime Mortar

Align your developments with the value of todays buyers 

It not only offers sustainability but also enhances the visual appeal and performance of your projects, giving you a competitive advantage. 

Take the lead in the market by embracing hydraulic lime mortar as your preferred choice.

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Environmental Consciousness

Customers today prioritise eco-friendly options. 

By incorporating hydraulic lime mortar in your projects, you showcase your commitment to sustainability. 

Made from natural materials and requiring less energy in production compared to cement-based mortars, hydraulic lime mortar significantly reduces the carbon footprint of your developments. 

This resonates with environmentally conscious buyers, giving your projects a competitive edge.


Aesthetic Excellence

Cement mortars often lack the visual charm that discerning buyers seek. 

Lime mortar creates a softer texture than that of a cement based product, complementing the appearance of both contemporary and traditional buildings.


Performance Benefits

Hydraulic lime mortar surpasses cement mortars in terms of performance. 

Its exceptional strength and durability ensure long-lasting structures that exceed customer expectations. 

Moreover, its flexibility allows for natural movement without compromising structural integrity, minimising the risk of cracks or damage. 

By incorporating hydraulic lime mortar, you guarantee superior quality and customer satisfaction, boosting your reputation in the market.

We all have a role to play

“ It is quantatively evaluated, that the use of eco-friendly materials in place of existing construction materials, significantly reduces carbon footprint and energy consumption.”

Aesthetic Benefits

With mortar accounting for 17% of visible brickwork, its aesthetic benefits of are unrivalled

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Performance Benefits 

Lime mortar has many performance benefits when compared to a cementitious mortar.

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Sustainability Benefits

From the manufacture process, through until its end of life, lime mortar is both eco-friendly and sustainable.

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