Hydraulic Lime Mortar in Multi-Story Buildings 

Buildings, built with Hydraulic Lime Mortar, stand tall and stand the test of time

55 Victoria Street, London
Built with Limetec Hydraulic Lime Mortar

Hydraulic Lime Mortars Perceived Suitability

The use of hydraulic lime mortar in construction, particularly in multi-story buildings, has often been met with skepticism. 

Some concerns revolve around its perceived suitability for taller structures and the belief that buildings constructed with hydraulic lime mortar, require extended build times, lack the durability and stability offered by cementitious mortars. 

Brick facias built with hydraulic lime mortar, are just as robust and reliable as those constructed with a cementitious mortar, have a similar build rate, as well as many other, additional benefits to the building and environment.


Hydraulic Lime Mortar is not suitable for Multi-Story building!

Hydraulic lime mortar has proven its efficacy in a variety of construction settings, including multi-story buildings. 

The misconception that it is unsuitable for tall structures stems from a lack of understanding of its unique properties. 

Unlike traditional lime mortars, hydraulic lime mortar sets in the presence of moisture, providing the necessary strength for buildings subjected to varying conditions.


Brick Facias with Hydraulic Lime Mortar Lack Durability!

One of the advantages of hydraulic lime mortar is its durability. 

While some may argue that cementitious mortars offer superior strength, hydraulic lime mortar exhibits excellent resistance to weathering, providing long-term stability. 

The breathability of hydraulic lime mortar also contributes to the preservation of the brickwork, preventing moisture-related issues and enhancing the overall lifespan of the façade.


Advantages of Hydraulic Lime Mortar in Multi-Story Buildings

1. Flexibility and Structural Integrity:

Hydraulic lime mortar possesses a degree of flexibility, accommodating the natural movements and settling that occur in multi-story buildings. This flexibility contributes to the structural integrity of the entire building, reducing the risk of cracks and structural issues over time. 

2. Breathability and Moisture Control:

The breathability of hydraulic lime mortar is a crucial advantage in multi-story buildings. It allows moisture vapor to escape, preventing the build-up of trapped water within the structure. This, in turn, mitigates the risk of decay and damage to the façade and underlying structures. 

3. Environmental Sustainability:

Hydraulic lime mortar is an environmentally friendly choice. Its production involves a lower energy footprint compared to cementitious mortars, aligning with modern green construction practices. Additionally, its recyclability further contributes to sustainable building practices.



In conclusion, the concerns surrounding the use of hydraulic lime mortar in multi-story buildings are largely based on misconceptions. 

Hydraulic lime mortar is a versatile and durable material that, when applied correctly, can provide the same level of strength and stability as cementitious mortars. 

By dispelling these myths and embracing the benefits of hydraulic lime mortar, we open the door to a more sustainable and heritage-conscious approach to construction, ensuring that our buildings not only stand tall but stand the test of time.

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