Dispelling the Misconception of Slow Progress

The advantageous properties of lime with the rapid setting capabilities of Limetec, cement-free, pre-mixed hydraulic lime mortar.

Extension to Private Residence
Built with Limetec Hydraulic Lime Mortar

Limetec Hydraulic Lime Construction Mortar

When it comes to building with mortar, the misconceptions surrounding lime often lead to the assumption that it is a slow and impractical choice compared to cementitious mortars. 

However, it's crucial to recognise that Limetec pre-mixed hydraulic lime mortar is distinct from traditional lime mortars and offers a swift build rate comparable to its cement counterparts.


Understanding Hydraulic Lime

Hydraulic lime is a versatile building material that possesses unique characteristics, setting it apart from other lime-based mortars. 

Unlike non-hydraulic lime, hydraulic lime has the ability to set and harden even when exposed to water. 

This crucial feature allows for faster construction as it minimises dependency on weather conditions, a common concern with traditional lime mortars.


Debunking the Slow Build Myth

One prevailing misconception is that hydraulic lime mortar is inherently slower than cementitious mortars. 

In reality, hydraulic lime mortars can match the build rate of cement-based alternatives. 

While some lime mortars may require prolonged curing periods, Limetec hydraulic lime mortar, sets efficiently, with a build rate, comparative to that of a cementitious mortar (1½ lifts per day).


Advantages of Hydraulic Lime Mortar in Multi-Story Buildings

1. Flexibility and Structural Integrity:

Hydraulic lime mortar possesses a degree of flexibility, accommodating the natural movements and settling that occur in multi-story buildings. This flexibility contributes to the structural integrity of the entire building, reducing the risk of cracks and structural issues over time. 

2. Breathability and Moisture Control:

The breathability of hydraulic lime mortar is a crucial advantage in multi-story buildings. It allows moisture vapor to escape, preventing the build-up of trapped water within the structure. This, in turn, mitigates the risk of decay and damage to the façade and underlying structures. 

3. Environmental Sustainability:

Hydraulic lime mortar is an environmentally friendly choice. Its production involves a lower energy footprint compared to cementitious mortars, aligning with modern green construction practices. Additionally, its recyclability further contributes to sustainable building practices.



Dispelling the myth that hydraulic lime mortar is slow is crucial for promoting its rightful place in contemporary construction practices. 

This misunderstood building material combines the best of both worlds – the advantageous properties of lime with the rapid setting capabilities of hydraulic lime. 

By choosing hydraulic lime mortar, builders can enjoy a construction process that is not only efficient but also environmentally conscious and historically respectful. 

As awareness grows, more construction projects will embrace the benefits of hydraulic lime, debunking the misconception of sluggish construction, associated with other lime-based mortars.

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