Limetec Mortar vs Cement Mortar

One early stage material choice could reduce embodied CO2 by 97%

The use of a commercially manufactured, pre-mixed lime mortar, as a viable alternative to a cementitious mortar, produces 97% less embodied CO2 emmissions.

Cement single-handedly accounts for about 8% of all global carbon emissions!

Cement has largely shaped the modern built environment but it single-handedly accounts for about 8% of all global carbon emissions. 

Although the industry is taking steps to reduce its environmental impact by reworking recipes and making plants more energy-efficient, they have only achieved only 'modest success'.

Efforts to reduce our reliance on cement is urgently required and it is quantitively evaluated that the use of eco-friendly materials in place of existing materials, significantly reduces the carbon footprint.


Modern day Lime Mortar has an important role to play in the future of construction!

Choosing lime-based building products is a wise decision for achieving, truly sustainable architecture. 

The reasurance of knowing there is a guarantee of offsetting carbon emissions when compared to cement, is a sound choice for the present and the future. 

Overall, the use of lime mortar provides numerous environmental benefits, as well as a superior aesthetic appeal, compared to its cement based counterparts.


Developed for 'New Build' Construction

Our modern day, pre-mixed lime mortar is a reliable and consistent product that meets everyones needs. 

It brings together the short term requirements of the brickwork team who need to work quickly and economically as well as the long term requirements of the buildings owner, who needs a durable, attractive, trouble-free and where possible, sustainable building.

Limetec Hydraulic Lime Mortars

  • Eco-friendly & Sustainable
  • 1 Tonne to +1000 Tonnes
  • Available in different strengths
  • Range of 14 Natural & Coloured Mortars 
  • Available in 25kg bags, Bulk Bags & Silo
  • Pre-mixed to British Standards    
  • Consistency of strength and colour
  • Eco-friendly & Sustainable

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