Performance Benefits of Lime Mortar

Lime mortar has many performance benefits when compared to a cementitious mortar. It also has many aesthetic & environmental benefits.

Royal Hospital Chelsea
Built with Limetec Hydraulic Lime Mortar

Bond Strength

Excellent adhesion and bonding properties due to its high degree of workability. Able to create continuous bonds with brick surfaces and fill the voids within them.

Focusing only on high strength mortars, neglects the importance of bond strength and shrinkage.


Water Leakage

The unique properties of a lime mortar allow for a continuous, uniform bond between the mortar and the masonry unit. These properties mean the masonry is less susceptible to water penetration while allowing breathability and moisture control.



As testimony of its durabiliy, until the late 20th Century, almost all buildings used a lime mortar and this can seen in historic buildings all around us.

Due to its permeability, it has increased 'freeze-thaw' resistance, water leakage and SO2 Sulphate attack resistance.


High Flexural Strength

Lime mortars are more flexible and can absorb a high degree of deformation before breakage. 

Lime mortar structures are proven to be more durable than brittle cement structures, when subjected to stresses such as thermal movement, differential settlement, even earth tremors.


Compressive Strength

Selecting excessively strong cement mortar can be problematic due to its rigidity. In contrast, hydraulic lime mortar's evolving strength curve adapts to structural changes, reducing the risk of cracks.

Choosing a balanced strength curve in mortars, exemplified by hydraulic lime, ensures durability without compromising flexibility and strength.

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Aesthetic Benefits

With mortar accounting for 17% of visible brickwork, its aesthetic benefits of are unrivalled

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Sustainability Benefits

From the manufacture process, through until its end of life, lime mortar is both eco-friendly and sustainable.

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