Eco-Friendly Benefits of Lime Mortar

Explore the eco-friendly benefits, from carbon neutrality to recyclability, that make lime mortar the top choice for sustainable construction practices


Carbon Neutrality

Hydraulic Lime Mortar is produced with minimal carbon emissions and absorbs CO2 during its curing process, making it a more environmentally friendly choice compared to a cementitious mortar.

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Energy Efficiency

Hydraulic lime mortars breathable nature enhances thermal performance, regulating indoor temperatures naturally and reducing the need for energy-intensive heating and cooling systems.



Lime mortar's flexibility allows for natural movement in structures, preventing cracks and enhancing long-term durability, reducing the frequency of repairs and resource consumption.



Lime mortar can be easily reused or recycled, minimising construction waste and contributing to a circular economy by reducing the demand for new raw materials.


Air Quality

The moisture and humidity within the building is better controlled by using a lime mortar. Allowing the building to breathe instead of trapping condensation and moisture within the structure, creates a healthier indoor environment.

Crucially, better moisture control can also help the prevention of mound and fungi inside the building. 


Reducing Waste

Lime mortars have a longer ‘spot’ life than cement mortars – The mortar remains useable for a longer time after mixing, increasing productivity. 

This increased productivity can lead to improved economy and less waste.



The use of a sustainable material, a reduction of CO2 emissions, less operational waste and an environmentally friendly 'end of life' are all factors that aid, achieving this accreditation.

Explore further benefits of Lime Mortar


Performance Benefits 

Lime mortar has many performance benefits when compared to a cementitious mortar.

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Aesthetic Benefits

With mortar accounting for 17% of visible brickwork, its aesthetic benefits of are unrivalled

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