Why Specify Hydraulic Lime Mortar?

Awareness of a sustainable, 'modern day' lime mortar, suitable for todays building practices, is increasing. The number of architects specifying lime mortar as a viable and desireable alternative to a cement mortar is growing.

St Pancras Station
Built with Limetec Hydraulic Lime Mortar

Enhanced Breathability

Hydraulic lime mortar allows buildings to ‘breathe’ by allowing the passage of moisture vapour. 

This property prevents the accumulation of dampness and promotes healthier indoor environments, minimising the risk of mould and improving air quality.

The performance benefits are numerous. Click here to find out more ↗

Flexibility & Durability

The flexibility of Limetec hydraulic lime mortar, accommodates the natural movement of buildings, reducing the risk of cracking. 

It offers excellent adhesion and long-lasting durability, ensuring the longevity of structures.

Removing or reducing 'Movemen' joints . Click here to find out more ↗


Important when trying to meet local planning requirements or create buildings that are sympathetic to a local identity, a Limete, pre-mixed, lime mortar joint, creates a unique finish that blends naturally into a locality. Something that is difficult, with more contemporary products.

The aesthetic benefits are unrivalled. Click here to find out more ↗

Sustainable Commitment

Like you, we understand the significance of sustainability in construction.

Our hydraulic lime mortar is an eco-friendly choice, crafted from natural materials and produced with minimal energy consumption.

By partnering with us, you demonstrate your commitment to sustainable practices and meeting the demands of environmentally conscious clients.

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Historic Preservation

For restoration and conservation projects, hydraulic lime mortar is an ideal choice. 

Its compatibility with traditional building materials ensures seamless integration with historical structures, preserving their authentic aesthetic appeal.

Restoring or building in historic surroundings? Click here to read ↗

Collaborative Partnership

We believe in building strong, long-term relationships with our clients and architects.

When you choose us as your supplier, you gain a trusted partner dedicated to your success.

We value open communication, prompt responses, and a personalised approach, to ensure that your needs are met at every step of the way.

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