Why Choose a Limetec Lime Mortar?

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42 Berners Street
Built with Limetec Hydraulic Lime Mortar

Client Considerations...

In any new building or renovation project, the owner/client, will want to use materials which are environmentally sustainable, contribute to a durable construction and a healthy comfortable living space.

Lime mortars have unrivalled aesthetic qualities, performance and sustainable benefits, which set it apart from typical cement mortars.

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Architect Considerations...

Architects will seek to use materials which give optimum performance, unequalled aesthetics and in addition, eco-friendly and sustainable, wherever possible.

Using a lime mortar improves bond quality between brick and mortar, helps to minimise water penetration, assists moisture control, avoids cracking and provides an attractive durable & sustainable solution.

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Contractor Considerations...

Contractors will want to use materials which assure good progress with minimum problems. 

During construction, a pre-mixed lime mortar is generally more fluid as well as being more cohesive, giving a long working life and easy working properties. 

A hydraulic lime mortar has a chemical set which allows for a typical build rate of 1.5 lifts per day – all these factors encourage good workmanship and rapid progress.

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The Fight to Reduce Embodied Carbon

When choosing Lime Mortar, the reasurance of knowing there is a guarantee of offsetting carbon emissions when compared to cement, is a sound choice for the present and the future.

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