Listed Buildings

Listed Buildings: What you need to know

listed buildings are a huge responsibility and a privilege to own, and it is critical to make sure the property or maintained to the highest standard. This article will make sure your renovations and repairs will be to the best it can be.

Generally, nearly all homes before 1838 are a grade II listed, which are normally built with a timber and brick frame, bonded with lime mortar and slated roofs.

listed buildings

When owning house of a certian age, it is important to make sure the house is kept as close to the original features and abiding by specific rules. Having unique features from flagstone floor, hand carve staircase and old sash windows, breaths character, than the more modern forms of homes and well worth the trouble.

It is a very small price to pay when you consider the history, original features and quirks of the property.

Before starting any work, make sure to get expert advice and the appropriate permission. Before any work can be carried out you will require consent for all work on the property, where it can affect the historic interest. It can be a criminal offence to change or alter a listed building without consent and will make it very difficult to sell the property on, as a result.

Using the correct materials for the job in hand

The key rule when working on your property is to use the material first used in the property and would not require special consents. By being careful on the repairs of your sash windows, should be fine. Another area which often has recent fittings (Bathrooms and kitchens), can be normally refurbished without consent. However, if you want to add new pipework through the wall, you might require permission to do so.

When doing internal work, be cautious of stripping back to the historic home features, and it is best practice to check before, to be on the safe side.

listed buildings repointing
listed buildings lime mortar pointing
Listed building lath lime plastering

Make sure you are covered

Keeping the building in good condition is one of the battles, but its also important to have a specialist insurance in place. In the worst case scenario happens, such a fire, your home will have to be repaired or rebuilt in a traditional manner, which will cost a considerable amount, than a renovating.

Ready Mixed Lime Mortar

Our ready mixed lime mortar is the perfect choice for renovation, conservation works on your home. Lime is a tricky product to work with and can be very time consuming when trying to match existing mortar. Our ready mixed bag can be supplied in 25kg bags for small projects for pointing or a 1 tonne bulk bags to rebuild a flint wall; all of which can be delivered next day to site. If you are working on a new build we can also provide a dry silo.

Listed Buildings lime mortar
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