Premixed Lime Mortar

Why Use Premixed Lime Mortar?

Lime is a historic building material, which has been used for around 2000 years. Some of the most iconic landmarks and historic buildings around the world have used lime. When restoring these iconic monuments, its critical they use like for like materials.

premixed lime mortar


Lime mortar has many advantageous properties over cement; it is weaker than the bricks, masonry and stones, yet it is able to support the full weight of the structure. This gives the building the ability to flex and move without the purpose of movement joints. There are many other benefits for using it too.

 Absorbs Co2

Lime has a very unique benefit to any other building material currently available. When curing process starts it re-absorb CO2 from the atmosphere.

Breathability 2

A common problem with modern houses is they are becoming less and less breathable. Lime allows moisture to evaporate and wall to breathe.

Recycle Masonry  2

It allow masonry to be recycled at the end of the buildings life.


Our mortars are premixed at our state of the art factory. This removes the possibility of inconsistent colour and strength that can occur during site mixing.

Reduces Expansion Joints

Modern buildings using cement will generally have an expansion joint every 8 metres. By using lime you can have an expansion joint every 20 metres.


Lime mortar has a low modulus of elasticity, which allows for slight movement and thermal expansion throughout the life of the building.

Why Use Coloured Premixed Lime Mortar?

Our premixed coloured lime mortar will give you the perfect match for pointing your old house, or significant aesthetic improvements on your new build. Our bespoke premixed colour matching service is easy and fast. Our heritage range is bespoke to conservation areas for listed buildings in London, Cotswold and a variety of other counties across the United Kingdom.

Traditional London
Traditional London
Cambridge Dark Grey
Cambridge Dark Grey
Padstow Cornwall Brown
Padstow Brown
Glasgow Grey
Glasgow Grey
Which Premixed Lime Mortar Strength Should I Use?

Ashlar is used for a finely dressed (worked) masonry, which is a very thin joint between blocks and generally used for 3mm to 6mm joints.

NHL 3.5

NHL 3.5 strength can be used for permeable masonry materials which is mainly used above ground. Generally, it is used for bricks, facings, commons, blockwork, bedding, sandstone, limestone, flint, terracotta, cavity, solid walls, pointing and repointing.


NHL 5 strength is commonly used for the foundations of buildings, coastal locations, or for parapets, coping’s and chimneys in external areas.

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