cpd-lime Benefits Of Lime Mortar RIBA CPD Presentation

Our RIBA CPD presentation on the Benefits of lime mortar is interactive seminar with samples of our lime mortar materials and the benefits of use for building renovation, restoration and sustainability. This handy 45 minute presentation can be delivered over a lunchtime period (or whenever is convenient) in your own office or location of your choice.

cpd-lime Benefits Of Lime Render RIBA CPD Presentation

Our benefits of lime render RIBA CPD is a specifically designed to explain about the history of lime and the benefits of using this traditional method of rendering versus cement base renders. We will also dive into the types of lime render insulations for listed buildings and new builds.

cpd-lime Benefits Of Lime Plaster RIBA CPD Presentation

The benefits of lime plaster RIBA CPD is a 45 minute talk on the importance of using traditional plastering techniques for conservation and restoration projects. We will also look into the history of lime and what are the benefits of using lime plaster over conventual gypsum plaster and traditional forms of insulation.

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RIBA CPD Presentation Details

45 minute presentation

RIBA CPD Presentation Includes:

  • Hands-on presentation from a limetec expert with a maximum class size of 20 participants
  • Aftercare and support

RIBA CPD Presentation Overview

Our benefits of lime mortar, lime render or lime plaster RIBA CPD has been specifically designed to give delegates insight into the history of lime, lime cycle and practices to help you understand the importance of lime in conservation, and new builds. This course will cover a basic to intermediate level overview of lime mortar, render and plaster.

What Will You Learn?

  • To appreciate the properties of lime for renovation, restoration and sustainability.
  • The advantages and disadvantages using cement and lime
  • To understand the benefits of specifying lime over cement
  • Suitable applications for lime mortar, render and plaster

Who Should Attend?

Individuals or teams who want to know more about lime mortar, render or plaster. Or have experience with lime and are looking to gain more depth to their expertise.

All RIBA members are required to attain 35 hours of CPD each year. Points are given for the relevance of the CPD for that individual. Using RIBA approved material are double weighting of points making them more beneficial to the individual.

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For centuries, lime has been one of the most prominent building materials in the world. Lime can be used as an elementary construction element, but the decorative qualities of this product are unsurpassed.

Due to the relatively recent and rapid rise of cement binder the basic knowledge of the production and application of lime mortars has largely been wasted. The renewed scientific interest and analysis and the life cycle of our historic buildings are proof of the exceptional qualities of lime mortars.

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