Wales Lime Mortar

Our Heritage Cardiff Black Lime Mortar is a bespoke to South Wales, which was predominantly used in Cardiff. During the industrial boom the famous black lime mortar became common sight in local welsh terrace houses, because ash from the local heavy industries were contaminating the sand. Local builders started to realise by add this ash to the lime mortar it would actually help reduce the setting times of the lime mortar, thus creating a hydraulic lime mortar.

Wales Lime Mortar

Why use Hydraulic Lime Mortar?

Hydraulic Lime Mortar has been used for over 4000 years, and has been used in the construction of some iconic landmarks across the world.

  • Breathable
  • Permeable
  • Reduces the need for expansion/movement joints
  • Re-absorbs CO2 given off during curing process when it sets
  • It allows masonry to be recycled when the building comes to the end of its life.

We understand the significance of conserving listed buildings and historic landmarks throughout Wales, and with over a decade of experience in lime, our Heritage Cardiff Black Lime Mortar has been specifically created for listed buildings and heritage sites in mind. We have worked closely with local Wales lime mortar contractors and conservationist to provide you with an authentic Cardiff black lime mortar specially made for South Wales and surrounding areas.

Ready Mixed Hydraulic Lime Mortar

Our ready mixed Cardiff black lime mortar is straight forward and can be used in cement mixers. Our bespoke Heritage range consists of seven colours, which have been designed for specific conservation areas across the United Kingdom.

Cardiff black lime mortar
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